Tension mounts
in the mornings
the dog – catchers
roam our road
with their cart
looking for stray dogs
No, not necessarily
mad dogs
runaway dogs and pups
that enjoy their freedom
are not spared
they noose them
hurl them in to the cart
destination : destruction

Fear in their eyes
the captives are
a pathetic sight
call it duty
or precaution
every morning
I take upon myself
the task of
tethering my dog
But he doesn’t like it
he howls in protest
dodges me
and would you believe it
runs after the dog – cart
barking !
controlling it
chaining it
and ensuring
its safety
my concerns

My dog doesn’t understand
if it is ‘found’
a stray dog
he would be clubbed
to death
my dog doesn’t understand
he runs off dodging me

Tamil original : R.T.Jeyaseelan
Translated by : S.Pathmanathan

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